Why choose our validator?


Our validator is also running on backup servers to never be down to maximize earning potential

We also have tools for 24×7 monitoring of our validator performance and uptime

Anything less would not give our delegators the experience they deserve

Lowest fee

7% fee (after 100 epochs and HIP30v2 Harmony protocol forced this change)

Our goal is always providing the lowest fee possible. We believe this is one way we can build a trustworthy validator


We are committed to have our validator always up to date to provide the best income and give peace of mind to our delegators knowing that we are doing everything to grow their portfolio

Only stake your coins, never send to the validator address


We have 15+ years experience in diverse areas such as programming, system network admin and game servers network admin

We use this knowledge to provide a strong and stable validator

Our Validator Hardware

We know that our delegators expect us to provide the best uptime and rewards, so we setup our validator on a AMD Ryzen 9 5950x with 16 cores and a NVMe Datacenter Edition for higher disk speed.

It may be too much for a validator hardware node right now, but we don’t want to take any chances and always provide a stable validator. What’s important is our mission to provide an amazing validator to our delegators.

For us our validator node has to run 100% without misses, 99.98% is our absolute minimal acceptable if we screw up and if we did we aim to be 100% again. Less than that is a failure to us.

Using the fantastic Smartstake website our delegators can get a more detailed information on our validator. We are 100% transparent